1000' GigaBIX Cross Connect 4 Pair cable

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  • Length
    • 1000'

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Internal Reference: XCON-4L6/1000

Multi-Conductor - GigaBIX Cross-Connect Wire GIGABIX 4-pair X-CONN

Use this cross-connect wire between two BIX or Giga BIX cross-connect fields. The Giga BIX cross-connect wire exceeds performance in the proposed Cat6 cabling standard, providing additional margin to support gigabit applications.

  • # of pairs:   4 Pairs
  • Put up:   1000 feet 
  • Colors:  White-Blue, White-Orange, White-Green, White-Brown 
  • RoHS:  Compliant

GigaBIX Cross-Connect Wire is intended for use between GigaBIX cross-connect fields in a Telecommunications room or at a main distribution frame. Using GigaBIX Cross-Connect Wire allows for very flexible and cost-effective installations.

The cut-to-length jumper eliminates need for slack management and guarantees permanent installation aesthetics.  The GigaBIX Cross-Connect Wire offers transmission performance that goes beyond Category 6 when installed as part of a Belden IBDN 4800LX System to provide additional margin to support gigabit applications.

 Features & Benefits

  • Beyond Category 6 performance providing additional margin to support gigabit applications

  • Backwards compatibility with Category 5e applications

  • Eliminates risk of interoperability issues with non-standard connecting hardware to reduce network downtime

  • Allows for the highest density of installation to reduce installation space requirements

  • Can be cut-to-length eliminates need for slack management guarantees permanent installation aesthetics

  • Very cost effective solution.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Nominal O.D.: 4.3 mm (0.168 in.).

Electrical Characteristics

  • DC Resistance, max.: 9.38 Ohms/100 m
  • Mutual Capacitance, max.: 6.6 nF/100 m @ 1 KHz
  • Characteristic Impedance: 100 Ohms nominal.

Installation Tips

  • Bend and twist the last inch at the end of the cross-connect wire prior to cutting to avoid destroying the cable geometry.


  • Spool size (containing 1000 ft.): 298 mm(11.75 in.) dia. x 177.8 mm (7 in.) high.

General Description:

  • CAT6 (250MHz), 4-Pair, U/UTP-Unshielded, 
  • Premise Cross-Connect Cable, 23 AWG solid bare copper conductors, 
  • Dual FRPO/FEP insulation Usage (Overall) 

Suitable Applications: Cross-Connect, Interconnect 


Length 1000'