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Digital Visual Interface ( DVI )

Digital Visual Interface ( DVI ) cables are designed to connect your PC to a flat panel monitor, LCD projector, HDTV, etc. DVI cables are available in DVI-D and DVI-I formats.

DVI-D cables allow for digital transmissions between host and display devices.
DVI-I cables allow for digital and analog transmissions.

DVI-D and DVI-I cables are available in single-link and dual-link formats. Dual-link cables provide a faster and stronger signal strength than single-link cables and thus allow for superior resolution on your LCD device.

Dual Link
(Digital Only
Single Link
(Digital Only
DVI-I Dual Link
(Digital and Analog)
(Utilizes all 29 of the available pins)
DVI-I Single Link
(Digital and Analog)
(Utilizes 23 of the 29 available pins)
DFP Cables (Digital Flat Panel)
Dual Link
Dual Link DVI supports 2x165 MHz
(2048x1536 at 60 Hz,
1920x1080 at 85 Hz).
A dual link implementation utilizes
all 24 of the available pins.
Single Link
Single Link DVI supports a
maximum bandwidth of 165 MHz
(1920x1080 at 60 Hz,
1280x1024 at 85Hz).
A single link implementation
utilizes 12 of the 24 available pins.
Video signal: Digital video stream
(Single) WUXGA 1920 × 1200 @ 60 Hz
(Dual) WQXGA (2560 × 1600) @ 60 Hz
Analog RGB video (-3 db at 400 MHz)

Data signal: R,G,B data + clock and display data channel
Bandwidth: (Single) 3.7 Gbit/s
(Dual) 7.4 Gbit/s or more

Protocol: 3 × Transition Minimized Differential Signaling data + clock Signaling data + clock

Pins: 29

Pin out
Pin 1 TMDS Data 2- Digital red - (Link 1)
Pin 2 TMDS Data 2+ Digital red + (Link 1)
Pin 3 TMDS Data 2/4 shield
Pin 4 TMDS Data 4- Digital green - (Link 2)
Pin 5 TMDS Data 4+ Digital green + (Link 2)
Pin 6 DDC clock
Pin 7 DDC data
Pin 8 Analog vertical sync
Pin 9 TMDS Data 1- Digital green - (Link 1)
Pin 10 TMDS Data 1+ Digital green + (Link 1)
Pin 11 TMDS Data 1/3 shield
Pin 12 TMDS Data 3- Digital blue - (Link 2)
Pin 13 TMDS Data 3+ Digital blue + (Link 2)
Pin 14 +5V Power for monitor when in standby
Pin 15 Ground Return for pin 14 and analog sync
Pin 16 Hot plug detect
Pin 17
TMDS data 0- Digital blue - (Link 1) & digital sync
Pin 18
TMDS data 0+ Digital blue + (Link 1) and digital sync
Pin 19 TMDS data 0/5 shield
Pin 20 TMDS data 5- Digital red - (Link 2)
Pin 21 TMDS data 5+ Digital red + (Link 2)
Pin 22 TMDS clock shield
Pin 23 TMDS clock+ Digital clock + (Links 1 and 2)
Pin 24 TMDS clock- Digital clock - (Links 1 and 2)
C1 Analog red
C2 Analog green
C3 Analog blue
C4 Analog horizontal sync
C5 Analog ground Return for R, G and B signals

Cablek manufactures custom DVI cable assembles including

Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly

Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Extension Cable

Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly

Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Extension Cable

DVI-I to DVI-I Cable Assembly

DVI-A to VGA Cable Assembly

Super Long Single Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly

Super Long Dual Link DVI-D to DVI-D Cable Assembly

Super Long DVI-D Extension Cables
HDMI to DVI-Digital Cable Assembly
DVI Adapters, DVI Splitters, DVI Convertors

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