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Cablek industries Services News - Covid 19 Technical reference
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NOTE:  These items are no longer active. We have some inventory of all 3 lengths.   Delays for more will be evaluated when required.

Cablek's extra high quality IEEE 488 cables are designed for use in environments where a more rugged cable is needed to interconnect IEEE 488 (HPIB/GPIB) instruments and devices. The cables are made up with heavy duty double shielded cable giving it superior immunity to interference, both received and transmitted.


HPIB/GPIB cables are constructed with an EMI/RFI shield either side of the twisted pair signal cables. The connectors are die cast aluminium and will withstand a high degree of mechanical abuse as well as continuing the EMI/RFI shield right up to the connection point.



  • Connecting computers and instruments.
  • CN24 connectors allow daisy-chaining to another instrument or printing device.
  • Up to 15 instruments (devices) can be connected to one computer (controller).
  • Specified Transfer Rate: 1MByte per second.
  • Data Transfer Mode: 8 bit parallel.
  • Double-shielded and fully molded to reduce EMI/RFI interference and achieve maximum signal integrity.
  • Connectors: Centonics 24 Male/Female to Centronics 24 Male/Female
  • Lifetime Warranty.

HPIB/GPIB Bus Pin-Out Descriptions
IEEE-488 / ANSI Connector PinOut
    24-Pin HPIB/GPIB Bus PinOut [IEEE488 Pinout]
Pin # Signal Names Signal Description Pin # Signal Names Signal Description
1 DIO1 Data Input/Output Bit 1 13 DIO5 Data Input/Output Bit 5
2 DIO2 Data Input/Output Bit 2 14 DIO6 Data Input/Output Bit 6
3 DIO3 Data Input/Output Bit 3 15 DIO7 Data Input/Output Bit 7
4 DIO4 Data Input/Output Bit 4 16 DIO8 Data Input/Output Bit 8
5 EIO End-Or-Identify 17 REN Remote Enable
6 DAV Data Valid 18 Shield Ground (DAV)
7 NRFD Not Ready For Data 19 Shield Ground (NRFD)
8 NDAC Not Data Accepted 20 Shield Ground (NDAC)
9 IFC Interface Clear 21 Shield Ground (IFC)
10 SRQ Service Request 22 Shield Ground (SRQ)
11 ATN Attention 23 Shield Ground (ATN)
12 Shield Chassis Ground 24 Signal Gnd Signal Ground

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