4P/4P IEEE 1394 FireWire Cable

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IEEE-1394A FIREWIRE 400   4-Pin/4-Pin Cable

The 4-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cable attaches a device such as a digital camcorder (four-pin port) to your laptop or another audio video device (four-pin port) with a transmission rate of up to 400Mbps.


 4 pin connector   4 pin connector

   Firewire 400       Firewire 400 

    IEEE 1394          IEEE 1394   
 (non-powered)    (non-powered)    



Connectors: 4-pin Male to 4-pin Male.

Data Transfer Rate: 400 Mbps.

Installs with Plug-and-Play ease 

Provides extreme-velocity data-transfer rates via twisted-pair construction 

Offers error-free data transmissions via molded-strain relief and PVC overmolding
Complies with the latest IEEE 1394 standards

 PC compatible: Apple® FireWire®, Sony i.LINK® devices,

 Color: Black

Double shielded: foil & braid  

Warranty: Lifetime

Ship Weight: 0.12 lbs



Length 3' or 10' or 25'