BNC Female to BNC Female Adapter

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    BNC Female to Female Coupler Adapter

    This adapter consists of a BNC female on one end and a BNC female on the other. It is typically used to join two BNC male cables together.

    BNC Female to Female Coupler Adapter for CCTV Camera

    Easily combine two coaxial cables

    Our BNC female to female couplers go through rigorous testing to ensure high grade materials and quality that provide secure connections. This BNC adapter provides the ability to interconnect two devices with BNC male interfaces. A common use for this device is to provide a coupling between two cables with BNC male connectors for when you need to extend the length of your BNC cables and can be used to join two male BNC plugs, or as gender changers. This BNC coupler is constructed of nickel plated brass for increased corrosion protection. Precision-made connectors ensure long-lasting quality. Can be used with professional video surveillance equipment and CCTV cameras. To use this BNC connector, simply insert one male connector into each end.

    Use to join two coax cables for extended length. Signal loss may be equivalent to about 10 feet of cable (so joining two 30 foot cables with this will be 60 feet but will have the same loss as a 70 foot one piece cable). Most coax applications have length limits around 300 feet. This works on Thinnet™, Arcnet, Audio & Video (where BNCs are used).

    • Used with professional video surveillance equipment and CCTV cameras
    • Nickel plated connector ensures durability and corrosion protection
    • Ideal BNC adapter for secure coaxial cable