Bix Connector 25PR 5X5 (QCBIX5A )

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    Internal Reference: PNBIX-5A


    Bix Connector 25PR 5X5 (QCBIX5A)

    The QCBIX5A Connector is built using 10 sets of bridged clips (5 clips each). It is used for multiple jumper connections to the same equipment.

    BIX Multiplying Connectors are used to generate multiple outputs from a single input. Construction of these connectors is identical to that of BIX Distribution Connectors, except for the IDC clips which are bridged. BIX Multiplying Connectors are typically used in voice applications. 


    • Robust and installer-friendly design to reduce installation costs
    • High-density connector to reduce installation space requirements 
    • Staggered IDC clips to ensure superior transmission performance
    • Built-in pair splitters to facilitate wire insertion
    • Fully enclosed clips in plastic housing to prevent injuries and protect connections
    • Snap into BIX Mounts for easy insertion and removal
    • Mix and match modular flexibility to accommodate different installation size requirements.


    • Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in telecommunications rooms and main distribution rooms
    • Interconnection terminations in consolidation points


    Physical Characteristics  

    Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.4 x 168.4 x 32.77 mm (0.37 x 6.63 x 1.29 in.)

    • Housing material: fire-retardant thermoplastic rated UL94V-0, beige
    • IDC clip: copper alloy with tin plating over nickel.

    Mechanical Characteristics
    IDC Clip

    • Gas-tight connection — insulation slicing of 22, 24 and 26 AWG (0.64, 0.5 and 0.4 mm) plastic insulated solid copper conductors
    • Durability: 200 insertions of any combination of wire gauge.

    Electrical Characteristics

    • Dielectric strength: 1,000 V RMS at 60 Hz for 1 minute
    • Current rating: 1.5 A maximum
    • Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ minimum between clips
    • Contact resistance: 1 mΩ per contact.


    • Plan the telecommunications room layout prior to ross-connect installation
    • Use the QCBIX1A Connector for terminating multi-pair cables
    • Use the QCBIX1A4 Connector for terminating 4pair cables
    • Label each connector carefully for future reference ad ease of administration
    • Connection made using the BIX Connecting Tool.