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Custom Fiber Optic Cables

Cablek manufactures Custom Fiber Optic Cables (62.5/125µm, 50/125µm, 100/140µm & 200/230µm) that are available in simplex, duplex and multi-fiber configurations. We manufacture patch cords, pigtails, unjacketed 900µm and indoor/outdoor multi-fiber cables depending on your requirements. We also manufacture 10 gigabit OM3 laser speed duplex, multimode, 50um, CORNING, Aqua patch cords.  Cablek terminations include: BICONIC, FC, FDDI, ESCON, LC, MTRJ, MU, SC, SMA & ST.

Cablek provides Custom Fiber Optic Cables and fiber optic connectivity solutions to integrators and distributors across Canada and the United States.  Cablek is a leading source of stock and custom fiber optic patch cables, fiber optic cable assemblies, passive optical components, fiber optic network switches and fiber optic interconnects. Cablek’s product line includes an extensive variety of passive optical components, including fiber optic bulkhead adapters, fiber optic attenuators and full turnkey fiber optic interconnect cabling management systems.

Cablek has shipped millions of fiber optic terminations, custom fiber optic cables, and standard fiber optic cables all using the highest quality components and the latest optical technologies. All of our products must pass stringent quality control tests before they are cleared for shipment to our customers. 

Our products are regularly used in carrier grade optical networks for mission critical applications where failure is not an option. Cablek fiber optic cables and products can be found in a myriad of networks and applications including data, telecom, video, CATV, wireless and Internet applications.

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Custom Fiber Optic Cables

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Fiber Optic Patch Cords including

Custom fiber optic cables

Cablek’s Standard and Custom Fiber Optic Cables are available with the following combination of connectors:

  • LC / LC  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors
  • LC / SC  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors        
  • LC / ST  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors       
  • SC / SC Fiber Optic Cable Connectors        
  • ST / SC  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors       
  • ST / ST  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors       
  • MTRJ / MTRJ Fiber Optic Cable Connectors       
  • MTRJ / SC  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors        
  • MTRJ / ST  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors       
  • MTRJ / LC  Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

Cablek also manufactures Custom Cables, Custom Fiber Optic Cables, Custom Coax Cables, Custom Cat5e/Cat6 Cables, and Custom Wire Harnesses.

Cablek Industries are manufacturers of standard and custom cable assemblies, and on-site installers of network cabling solutions. We also offer a complete line of related products including:
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