Low Cost UTP/STP Cable Tester

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    Internal Reference: CT-UTP/STP

    Sperry Instruments UTP/STP Cable Tester (RJ45)

    UTP/STP Cable Tester is equipped with Cat 3, 5e and 6 patch cords and allows you to easily identify open circuits, short circuits, miss-wired connections, reverse connections, and shield continuity issues in network cables. It features wiring status indicators, a crossover cable test switch, a debug test button, and a helpful wiring chart. This versatile tester is compatible with Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cables and comes with batteries and RJ45 adapter cables for your convenience.  

    Test For Opens, Shorts, Miswires, Reversals, and Shield Continuity

    Quickly detects wiring faults in network cables

    Wiring status indicators

    Crossover cable test switch

    Debug test button

    Wiring chart

    – Cat 3
    – Cat 5
    – Cat 5e
    – Cat 6

    – Data Cable Tester
    – Batteries
    – RJ45 Adapter Cables