Mode Conditioning Cable 62.5 Micron - 3mm Jacket LSZH ST to LC Off-set

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  • Length
    • 3 m
    • 10 m

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Jarretière Optique à Conditionnement de Mode, 62.5 Micron, LSZH, ST vers LC décalé

This mode conditioning fiber optic cable is made with Corning glass fiber and consists of 2 simplex ST male on one end and a duplex LC male on the other end. It allows you to connect singlemode equipment such as gigabit routers and switches, to existing multimode cable environments. It does so by emulating a LED light source from a laser light source by off-setting the fusion splice of the singlemode leg onto the multimode cable. They are typically purchased in pairs (one for each end of the cable run) and used in multimode cable runs over 300m. The singlemode cable leg is connected to transmit on the equipment end.

Caractéristiques physiques 


Orange / Jaune Jambe Monomode

Diamètre du câble


Taile de la fibre

62.5/125 micron - 9/125 micron (jambe)

Embouts de connecteur


Évaluation de la gaine 

à faible dégagement de fumée sans halogène (LSZH)


Connecteur A

2 - ST Simple Mâle

Connecteur B

1 - LC Duplex Mâle


Insertion Loss

‹0.3db @ 1300nm




Minéraux de conflit



Length 3 m or 10 m