Right Angle Adapter HD15 Male / Female 90º

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Right Angle Adapter HD15 Male / Female 

Available Options:Cable Exit :  Low Profile Right Angle Adapter     

Connecting cables in tight spaces can be a problem in many applications. 

These low profile adapters solve this problem by allowing cables to be connected at a 90 degree angle. Two versions are available allowing for cables to exit in opposite directions. Adapters are male to female, fully shielded and are overmolded with gray PVC.   

Mating hardware is reversible allowing for use in virtually any application.   


In this exemple, the male side of the adapter is connected to the switch box, and the female side is oriented  UP (-1) or DOWN(-2)
  • UP / DOWN orientation of the right angle adapter will depend on the orientation of the VGA connector on the video card. Please check prior to buying.
  • Allows cables to mate at a 90 degree angle to avoid nearby obstructions
  • One inch low profile for optimum clearance allowance
  • 100% shielding throughout for protection against EMI/RFI
  • Gold contact plating provides reliable connections with repeated mating cycles
  • HD15 is often used in VGA adapter applications

Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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