3m LC/PC multimode simplex 50 micron OM4 900um pigtail (12-pack)

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3m LC/PC multimode simplex 50 micron OM4 900um pigtail (12-pack) 

Cablek's 50 micron (OM4) fiber optic pigtails have terminated LC fiber optic connectors on one side and are un-terminated on the other side. The un-terminated ends are meant to be stripped and fusion spliced to single fibers of a multi-strand fiber trunk cable.   

When it comes to fusion splicing and other applications, the OM4 Multimode LC Fiber Optic Pigtail is your best bet. With the multimode performance that the LC connector has come to be known for, you can be sure that your tasks will be completed with stability and accuracy. This is thanks, in part, to the LC connector's PC finish, which helps keep reflection loss at a minimum. On the opposite end from the connector of this LC pigtail is an exposed fiber.   

The LC pigtail in OM4 multimode configuration enables you to achieve data transfers over a 50/125 micron glass fiber 1Gbps link a distance of up to 1100 meters at a wavelength of 850nm, and a distance of up to 550 meters at 1300nm. For a 10Gbps link, you can transfer data a distance of up to 550 meters at 850nm.   

All of our fiber optic pigtails are tested to ensure quality and performance that meet industry standards, and the test results for each pigtail are included in each package.  

Physical Characteristics  

Cable Length: 3m [9.84 foot]
Color:  Aqua or Multi Color:  Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose, Aqua
Cable Diameter:  900 micron
Fiber Size: 50/125 micron
Fiber Type:  Multimode
Connector Ferrules:  Ceramic
Fiber Classification:  OM4
Jacket Rating:  Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)


Connector A:  1 - LC/PC Simplex Male
Connector B:  Un-Terminated


Insertion Loss:  ‹0.3db @ 1300nm
Speed: 10 Gbps


RoHS:  Yes
Conflict Minerals:  Yes

Packaging Information 

Package Quantity:  1 Pack of 12 Cables
Product Weight:  0.20 lbs [0.09kg]

Warranty Information

Warranty:  Limited Lifetime


color Aqua or Color
Connector LC/PC