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Custom Fiber Optic Cables

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    Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

    Fiber optic cable assemblies include a wide range of products like fiber patch cables, fiber optic pigtails, and fiber optic splitters. They all consist of fiber optic cables and fiber optic connectors. Cablek supplies the most commonly used fiber optic cable assembly products. Our fiber patch cables are made of premium quality materials from advanced manufacturing equipment. Cablek's fiber optic cable assemblies are supplied to world leading companies and university labs. Our fiber cable assembly products include the connectors SC, FC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MTP/MPO. 

     All of our products must pass stringent quality control tests before they are cleared for shipment to our customers. Contact us with your exact specifications. 

    Custom fiber optic cables we commonly build are:

    • Duplex fiber patch cords
    • 6-strand breakout fiber cables
    • 12-strand breakout/fanout fiber cables
    • 24-strand breakout/fanout fiber cables
    • 48-strand breakout/fanout fiber cables
    • Fiber optic pigtails
    • 12-strand MTP/MPO fiber optic cables
    • 24-strand MTP/MPO fiber optic cables
    • MTP/MPO fanout fiber optic cables
    • Armored fiber optic cables

    Mode conditioning cables

    Connectors we commonly build with are:

    • LC
    • SC
    • ST
    • MTRJ
    • MTP/MPO
    • FC

    We can manufacture using all common fiber optic cable types:

    • 62.5 micron multimode (OM1)
    • 50 micron multimode (OM2)
    • 50 micron multimode 10gig (OM3)
    • 50 micron multimode 40/100gig (OM4)
    • 9 micron multimode singlemode

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