DB9 Null Modem Cables - Female to Female

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  • Length
    • 6'
    • 10'
    • 25'

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DB9 Null modem Cables, Female-Female

Use these cables to link two computers via their DB9 serial ports and connectors.  

Null modem configuration.  


  • Connector 1: DB9 Female
  • Connector 2: DB9 Female
  • Standard length:  6 or 10 feet (Custom lengths available)
  • Application: Use between 2 DTE serial devices with DB9 male ports
  • LifeTime Waranty

Overview technical details 
Cablek's fully molded null modem cables offer solid performance at economical prices. All cables combine a foil shield construction and PVC jacket for flexibility and reliability. Use these cable to transfer data between computers (software required). These cables are constructed with the most common pin-out design for full handshaking to optimize data transfer speed. See technical specs for pin-out details. Full handshaking enables high communication speeds although some null modem cables offer no handshaking or only partial handshaking. Custom Cables Available: If your software application requires a special pin-out design, no handshaking or partial handshaking, please send us your specifications and we will be glad to provide a quote. Custom lengths available.


Length 6' or 10' or 25'