6-Fiber OM4 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, Indoor/Outdoor, Tight Buffer OFNR

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    Internal Reference: FIB-IO5-6-OM4

    OM4 6-Fiber Water-Blocked/Sunlight Resistant Indoor/Outdoor  -  OFNR   

    Tight Buffer Riser Rated OFNR OM4


    • Intra/Inter-building Backbones
    • Trench & Conduit/Duct/Tray pathways
    • Dry or wet locations

    Water-blocked (dry technology), sunlight resistant indoor/outdoor tight buffer riser rated cable line offers the system designer the ultimate in premises fiber optic cable utility.

    Cable can be installed 

    • In open spaces
    • Trays
    • Conduits
    • Inner-ducts
    • Trenches (within conduits)
    • Steam tunnels
    • Building riser locations.

    Cable incorporates the latest in dry-water blocking technology. This system of water blocking eliminates the need to clean off the traditional gel-based water-blocking compounds found in loose-tube cables. In addition, breakout kits and or other special termination equipment associated with loose tube OSP cables are not required. The outer jacket is comprised of a rugged UL listed sunlight resistant polymer that allows for the cable to be exposed to long-term direct sunlight without the concern of material degradation. 

    Physical Description

    • Single-unit Design (6 – 12 Fibers): the design consists of flexible tight buffer material extruded over the fiber to a diameter of 900 ìm. Multiple 900 ìm, color coded fibers are combined with aramid and water-blocking elements to obtain proper strength and water-blocking characteristics. The core construction is then covered with flame, chemical and sunlight resistance black outer jacket.


    • Tested and Qualified to GR-409 and GR-2961
    • Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-B.3 optical performance
    • Dry-block design meets Telcordia GR-20 water block requirements
    • 900 ìm tight-buffered fibers
    • Black, UL listed Sunlight Resistant and outer jacket
    • UL/NEC Listed OFNR/FT4
    • All – dielectric


    • Assurance that cable investment is maintained over the life of the system
    • Future-proof fiber performance for current and future multi-gigabit applications
    • Cable integrity maintained even if damage occurs to protective layers
    • Direct connectorization without additional hardware
    • Confidence that cable will last even with long-term exposure to direct sunlight
    • Eliminates the need to purchase separate cables for OSP and indoor/riser applications
    • No additional grounding materials need to be purchased
    • Saves time in cable preparation

    Environmental Specifications

    • Riser Operation:  -40°C to + 75°C
    • Storage/Shipping:  -40°C to + 75°C
    • Installation:  -20°C to + 65°C
    • Crush:  10N/mm
    • Impact:  6 N-m