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IEEE488 (HPIB/GPIB) - Cables

Cablek's extra high quality IEEE 488 cables are designed for use in environments where a more rugged cable is needed to interconnect IEEE 488 (HPIB/GPIB) instruments and devices. The cables are made up with heavy duty double shielded cable giving it superior immunity to interference, both received and transmitted.

 HPIB/GPIB cables are constructed with an EMI/RFI shield either side of the twisted pair signal cables. The connectors are die cast aluminium and will withstand a high degree of mechanical abuse as well as continuing the EMI/RFI shield right up to the connection point.

The IEEE488 cable is commonly used to extend an HPIB or GPIB bus (used by Hewlett-Packard). This stands for Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus or General Purpose Interface Bus, and is also known as IEEE 488.

The usual application for this cable is with laboratory test equipment. It is an 8-bit parallel interface for stringing up multiple communicating instruments for control by a single computer and/or other instruments.

What makes the IEEE-488 interface special, even by modern standards, is that each connector contains two bi-directional plug/jacks. This allows HPIB/GPIB runs to snake and fork out as needed, unlike other serial and parallel interfaces that require direct connections or serial sequences.

Both ends are dual CN24M and CN24F connectors with screw-locks; thus each GPIB cable added to the bus also serves as an extension cable.


  • Connecting computers and instruments.
  • CN24 connectors allow daisy-chaining to another instrument or printing device.
  • Up to 15 instruments (devices) can be connected to one computer (controller).
  • Specified Transfer Rate: 1MByte per second.
  • Data Transfer Mode: 8 bit parallel.
  • Double-shielded and fully molded to reduce EMI/RFI interference and achieve maximum signal integrity.
  • Connectors: Centonics 24 Male/Female to Centronics 24 Male/Female
  • Lifetime Warranty.


Length 3' or 6' or 12'