High Quality T1 Cable Assemblies

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    T1 Cable Assemblies

    T1 cables allow you to connect DSU/CSU to DDS lines.

    Cablek's standard T1 cables are built with 22 AWG solid 100 Ohm oval T1 cable and are RoHS compliant.

    These are custom made cables. Cablek stocks the necessary components to manufacture all configurations and lengths. Email us with your requirements.

     T1 cable is used with RJ-48 male connectors. The RJ-48 connector may look very similar to an RJ-45 connector found on a typical CAT-5 cable, but don't be fooled, they are very different in many ways. An RJ-48 connecter is fastened on to an STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable, not the standard UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) CAT 3,5 or 6 cable. An RJ-48 also uses a different pin out arrangement, voltage level, and line capacitance than an RJ-45.

    • RJ48 Patch Cable with two shielded pairs for T-1 applications
    • Unique, two-layer insulation system provides electrical performance required for T-1 pulse rates
    • Shielding protects against EMI/RFI interference
    • Premium RJ48 style plugs with 50-micro inches gold plating for maximum performance

    Available in the following configurations:

    T1 RJ48 - DB 15 

    • T1 RJ48 to DB15 Female Straight Thru Cable
    • T1 RJ48 to DB15 Female Crossover Cable
    • T1 RJ48 to DB15 Male Straight Thru Cable
    • TI RJ48 to DB15 Male Crossover

    T1 RJ48 - RJ48
    • T1 RJ48 to T1 RJ48 Crossover Cable
    • T1 RJ48 to T1 RJ48 Straight thru Cable


    T1 DB15 - BLUNT 
    • T1 DB15 Male to Blunt Cable
    • T1 DB15 Female to Blunt Cable


    T1 RJ48 - BLUNT

    • T1 RJ48 to Blunt Cable



    T1 DB15 - DB 15  Cable

    • T1 DB15 Female to DB15 Female Straight Thru 
    • T1 DB15 Female to DB15 Female Crossover
    • T1 DB15 Male to DB15 Female Straight Thru
    • T1 DB15 Male to DB15 Male Straight Thru 
    • T1 DB15 Male to DB15 Male Crossover 

    Cable Specifications:

    T-1, 2 pair, 22 AWG solid, 2-layer insulation, beige oval PVC jacket, each pair shielded. RoHS compliant.

     Construction Details
    Cond. Stranding: 22 AWG solid tinned
    Insul/Thickness: 2-layer Polyolefin .020 inch (.51 mm)
    Jacket/Thickness: Oval PVC .022 inch (.56 mm)
    Jacket Color: Beige
    Nom. Diameter: 0.178 inch x 0.315 inch (4.52 mm x 8.00 mm)
    Shielding: Each pair with isolated alum./polyester tape, solid 24 AWG drain wire

    Electricals (NOM)
    Cond. DC Resistance: 16.10 Ohms/kft (52.82 Ohms/km)
    Cond. to Cond. Capacit.: 15.0 pF/ft (49.2 pF/meter)
    Cond. to Shield Capacit: N/A
    Impedance: 100 Ohms @ 1MHz
    Velocity of Propagation: 71%

     Listing and Ratings

    NEC and CEC Type CMR
    Attenuation -5.5 dB/1000ft @ 772 KHz
    Telcordia GR 137-CORE compliant
    Reduces NEBS and FCC system emissions significantly